Altruism and Giving Back

SUPCO with the FOB crew.

SUPCO with the FOB crew.

As conscious outdoor enthusiasts, Read and Run Daddy is going to volunteer time, donate resources and raise awareness to issues that concern the mediums and places that they spend time on and enjoy.  Read and Run Daddy recognizes that many times the ability to recreate in the outdoors is a privilege and many people that could benefit from interaction in the outdoors simply do not have access to it because of financial, health and or physical disabilities. In constant gratitude for our own success and health, we make it a point to work with sponsors to get low-income youth into the outdoors in our Read and Run programs. We also look at engaging and working with families with sick children through Make A Wish or similar foundations to provide experiences for those that are dealing with challenging and debilitating illnesses. Through Stand Up Paddle Colorado, they all ready work in the adaptive sports with veterans groups and people with adaptive athletic needs.




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